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Fairy Tales and War

 “…casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exaltheth itself against the knowledge of God…”
2 Corinthians 10:3-6

Flying Fairy

Shoot the fairy! That is heart-wrenching.
She is so cute and we like fairies, elves, and other mythical creatures. But should the fairy be shot? This fairy represents the illusions and ideals of what we think our life should be like. The soldier represents the reality that this world is in a war and to live in it victoriously, the fairy needs to die.
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Fairy tales, we all have them. We live in this physical body, in this physical world and unfortunately our thinking goes right along with it. We build this little box in our mind of the way we think life should be. We mold and shape our thinking and activities in our lives to fit in this little box. We want what we want. We want good health, lots of money, a great family, freedom from responsibility etc... We want to live happily ever after! This is our fairy tale. But the flip side of this is the reality that we are in a war. The entire world and all its inhabitants are in a war. There is an unseen spiritual war of demons and angels all around us. Periodically, demons throw hardship in our way. They come by tempting us or filling our heads with propaganda or even worse,  turn other people against us. Well this puts a little damper on our fairy tale. Then there is God and his plan. God can use kindness or adversity to draw people unto himself. He uses circumstances to teach us and grow us. Now our fairy tale box is really out of shape!  Let's look at an example of it on a small scale. What if someone was on their way to work one morning and while driving their car, got a flat tire? It's raining and they have to change the tire in the rain. They will be very late to work. Frustrating, huh? The fairy tale is that they want a nice smooth, easy ride straight to work with no problems. So they get mad when they don't get what they want, standing in the rain changing a tire and going to be late for work. Here's the trick. Life is not about us. It is not about what we want. God wants us to be mature, unselfish and holy. When we've surrendered that this life is not our own and that God is in control, peace comes. Anger and frustration leaves when you're standing in the rain changing a tire. Peace comes knowing that adversity molds and shapes our patience, endurance, maturity and ultimately our holiness. It is the intangible and spiritual that is important in this life.
Learning how to shoot the fairy (basing our thoughts in reality and not in a fairy tale; II Corinthians 10:3-6) is a weapon of warfare. Unless we have a relationship with God through his son Jesus, we can not even hope to navigate through this war successfully. The word of God teaches that we must be born again to be in a right relationship with Him. Listed in the topics menu is Salvation which discusses how to begin that relationship.
     With prayer and deep study of these topics, charts, and videos, the material in this web site can truly change lives. After Salvation, the order in which to study this site is: What is the meaning of life?, What is love?, What's love got to do with it?, What is the bible about?, Perspective, and The key to life. Look up the bible scriptures, click on the links within the pages, study the charts and watch the videos. Pray earnestly for understanding and start living what you know. The Daily Plan is a printable guide to keep with you and to follow.

                                                            Shoot the fairies!

 read the bible online at:  bibledatabase.net/html/kjv/index.html

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